Friendship Soup and other resources

If you are like me, I’m always looking for well done, ready made, pre done lessons that make an impact.  Some of my favorites are from The NED Show.  The NED show is available to come to your school at no cost (they do a great job), but even if you don’t choose to do that, their site is still FULL of wonderful FREE resources.  One of my favorites is Friendship Soup!  They have a video on the website that is 3 minutes and then students put together their own friendship soup.  This is a follow up to my lesson where I read “Friendship is an Art” by Julia Cook.  I’ve put the link to the NED show below so go check it out!

The NED show lesson plans




One thing we can all agree on: School Counselors!

I was privileged enough to accompany my husband to Washington DC to meet with key White House officials about local issues.  We got to meet with people like Kelly Ann Conway, Ben Carson, and even Vice President Pence.  While I will not be sharing my specific political beliefs here I can write that I am a firm believer that no matter who we like and agree with or dislike and disagree with we should never miss an opportunity to advocate.  With the omnibus bill looming and the aftermath of Parkland still resonating I knew there was no better time to advocate for more school counselors than now.  The pictures below show us in the Executive Office of the White House and my husband asking about more funding for school counselors.  The most positive part of this experience for me personally was that most of the county commissioners from around NC, regardless of party, were in agreement that we needed more school counselors and that more school counselors were crucial to the safety of our schools.  You may not have heard but there was an additional 700 million added in the omnibus bill for a total of 1.1 billion that can be used to additional support personnel.  If there was ever a time to advocate, now is it!  I’ve listed some simple things you can do below:

  1. Write your state representatives and local officials
  2. Invite all your elected officials to visit and talk to them about your role
  3. Participate in your state association’s Legislative Days
  4. Invite members of your school board and county commision or town council to be a part of your school counseling advisory boards

Doing all of these things can really help your advocacy POP!