Who doesn’t LOVE the Olympics?  As a counselor, the Olympics are a treasure trove of stories for perseverance, goal setting, teamwork, and so much more!  This year I did some research on resources that I could use to integrate the Winter Olympics into my lessons.  While there is a lot out there I found two that I really felt were perfect to use in my counseling program.

NBC Sports, Sports Champions, and Sports Engine have teamed up to bring the US Olympic athletes to you!  Clicking on this link will take you to the lessons that they have created for your use!  There are videos of the US Olympic athletes talking about goal setting, teamwork, diversity and perseverance.  There are even lesson plans that go with each one divided up by K-3 and 4-8.  These would be perfect for a classroom lesson, small group, or to send to teachers as an additional resource.

At my school I facilitate a STEAM class.  I found a set of videos from the Vancouver on Science 360.  There are videos that discuss the science surrounding a variety of Olympic events, including snowboarding, figure skating, curling, and more!  As we watched the videos we also would discuss the various careers that are involved in the making of an Olympic athlete.  This included Sports Scientist, Ski Makers, etc..  NBC Learn also has a great set of videos about the science of the games.

Everyone loves the Olympics and what better way to make your program POP than to get involved in the game!  GO TEAM USA!!


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