Technology and Transition

How do you or your students make good, sound decisions about class selections at the next level (High School/Middle School) without really seeing what the class is like?  Are we just making a shot in the dark and hoping for the best?  This question really bothered me and then it occured to me – why not immerse our students into a class?  Using Google Hangout my 8th graders were able to actually witness a freshman english class!  Setting it up was really simple.  I emailed one of the high school english teachers to see if they would be interested.  The english teacher immediately e mailed me with an enthusiastic YES!  She gave me her schedule and then I worked with our ELA teacher to set up a mutual time to “hangout”.   The high school English teacher called me via google hangout and voila! we were able to be a part of her high school english class.  After doing her lesson the high school teacher then took some time to answer questions from our 8th graders.  100% of our students said they felt it was a worthwhile activity and helped to alleviate some anxiety that they had about english.  It was so great we are going to try to this with all our subjects.  This is a great way to make transition POP!

Google Hangout


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