College Talk Walk

I LOVE getting students outside of my room and being interactive.  This activity was inspired by the story book walks you might see at your local library or playground.  I thought why not do a college talk walk?  I created (on a whim) 9 different activities for students to do as they walk around our building.  The K-5 groups were led by some middle school students who I trained during their lunch time.  You could easily do this same activity with 5th graders as the leaders for the K-4 students.  I put the activities around the building based on the activity.  For example, the activity about the cafeteria went outside our cafeteria, the activity where they had to lay down and spell was out an acronym was in our lobby in order to give them lots of room.

I numbered each activity and had each group start on a different number.  For instance, one group might start with #2 and end with #1.  This kept the groups from overlapping.

This activity checked several boxes for me.  One, the mentor piece, I’m always trying to get the older students to mentor the younger ones.  Two, I chose middle school students to give them that college knowledge refresher.  This activity gave them lots of confidence and encouragement.  Three, it was a fun and developmentally appropriate way for the younger students to learn about college.  Four, did I say it was fun?  It was fun!!

We did this activity on National College Signing Day.  I used the Better Make Room logo on my signs to advertise this program to the older students.  We also watched a video from Michelle Obama before we went on our college talk walk.

Feel free to use this activity to help make your college talk POP!    

This picture on the left shows all the activities that I used.  Feel free to copy.



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