Coffee with the Counselor

Coffee with the Counselor!


This idea is not new or original to me.  I’m sure there are MANY school counselor’s who do this same thing.  But if you are not one of them make it a priority to start this concept THIS year!  It is so nice to be able to have parents come in, get a cup of coffee, and a pastry and visit.  Often when parents come to see the School Counselor they are in crisis or have worries about their children.  It is great to have an opportunity to connect with your parents on a different level.  Each month I choose a theme that will be the launch pad for our conversation.  Some themes have included:  talking to your child about drugs, doing a family game night, how to make family dinner fun, and others.  In some instances I’ll invite special guests.  At the beginning of the year I’ve invited our Superintendent and in October our drug/alcohol educator to come talk about best practices in talking with our kids about healthy choices.  This is just another added touch to making your school counseling program POP!


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