Hospitality Counts: Parent Treat Bags!

Check out my parent treat bags!   I used these bags two years ago and the response was fabulous so I’m bringing them back for the 2017-2018 school year!  Every time a parent volunteers or come to see me about an issue they get to leave with these cute bags.  These bags are my way of saying thank you for caring enough about your child to come chat.  I have posted pictures of the goodies, the label, and the finished product.  The total for 12 bags was @$24.  I got the pack of bags in my school color of blue, ribbon, water, and candy from Wal Mart. I made the tags myself using construction paper and my printer.  Click here for a copy of the printable tags:  Parent Bag Tags  I AM NOT A CRAFTY PERSON!  If you don’t have an art bone in your body this craft is for you!!!  It’s the details and  little touches like this that make your counseling program POP!




One thought on “Hospitality Counts: Parent Treat Bags!

  1. What a lovely idea! I have been following on Facebook and in the newspaper the many things the counseling program is doing. Many years ago I was a secretary in the Atlanta office of SREB.
    I am glad they still exist and are still doing good work.
    I am Jillian Barlow’s maternal grandmother, Carol Green.


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