Marketing your program

How many times have you been frustrated because someone commented that they had no idea what a school counselor did?  I think to myself, well I know what I don’t do, eat lunch or use the bathroom!  Counselors are the WORST at marketing themselves and their programs.  Everyday school counselors are doing amazing things for students yet it goes unnoticed.  Why? Because we don’t do it for ourselves. We are innately programmed to be there for others.  However, when it comes budget time, if those making the decisions aren’t well informed at all the good work we do then we put not just ourselves, but our profession at risk for being on the chopping block.

While at Disney World I had an idea.  We passed the character spot at Epcot where you can have your picture with Joy and Sadness and I thought THIS IS IT!  Yes, it was a little weird to kick my 5 and 11 year old out of the picture but in the end I created this poster below that will be hanging around school when school starts.   This type of marketing does a few things:

  1.  EVERYONE at school knows I LOVE DISNEY.  My office is completely decorated with the Disney theme.  By putting myself with something the kids already associate me with (Disney) it keeps things consistent.
  2. Posters are a short, quick way to get a message out.  Parents, teachers, and students will all see the posters around school.
  3. This poster is age appropriate.  I work at a K-8 school and it’s often hard to come up with something that meets all needs.  The term “Inside Out” is very familiar to middle school and the movie is familiar to those in the lower grades.
  4. It doesn’t use terms like “Feeling Depressed” or “Anger Issues”.  Instead, the term “inside out” could be anything and having Joy and Sadness in the picture indicates that the counselor is there for a variety of emotions.

Bottom Line is before the school year starts find one small way to put yourself out there.  The program I used to create this poster is canva.  Canva is a fun, FREE, and creative way to create posters, flyers, newsletters, etc…  It’s my new favorite thing!

Check back August 21st and you can see the costume of 2017.  Another way to get out there is to dress up at the beginning of every year.  Each year I have a new costume.  The kids love to guess what it will be!  Feel free to comment what you think it might be!

Feeling Inside Out-


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