Back at it!

Three years ago I tried my hand at blogging.  Needless to say time got away from me.  Multiple attempts to keep up with posts and share pictures I decided to take a break.  However, being in Denver, CO at the ASCA conference has motivated me to get back at it!  With a new blog platform, new school year, and new ideas, I’m ready to share, learn and experience the wild ride of school counseling with you!  Is there something that maybe you put away for another day or decided that the time wasn’t right?  NOW IS THE TIME TO GET BACK AT IT!  Here is a list of the most common things I hear school counselors put off:

  1.  Being a part of their state’s school counseling association – Your state needs you!  While at ASCA’s Delegate Assembly and Leadership Development Institute a common theme I heard was the difficulty in finding people to assuming leadership roles.  Want to be on the cutting edge of all thing school counseling in your state, want to give back to your profession, want to make a difference beyond the school building, want to collaborate with some of the best in the school counseling world then GET BACK AT IT!  Being a part of my state associations leadership has been by far the best professional experience!  If you are nervous ask if your state has an Emerging Leader program or if there is a committee that you can be a part of.  These are both small ways to get your feet wet.
  2. Applying for RAMP – I am guilty of this one!  Every summer I start to write the narratives that go with the various RAMP aspects, watch the RAMP videos on ASCA, and say “This will be the year”.  Every summer something comes up that causes me to put this important distinction on the back burner.  Now is the time to GET BACK AT IT!  Haven’t even started then begin with setting up an advisory council to develop a mission and vision for your program and do the management agreement between you and your principal.   It can be done!
  3. Presenting at a conference – Counselors  all over have great ideas to share and the perfect place to share those ideas is at a professional conference.  Think you can’t do it, you are wrong!  The great thing about counselors is that we are a supporting group of professionals.  Take a step outside your comfort zone an GET BACK AT IT!  Go to your state associations website to see when their call for proposals is taking place.
  4. Saving for ASCA 2018 in Los Angeles – “Reach for the Stars” is next years theme for the annual ASCA conference.  Think it’s out of “reach” then GET BACK AT IT!  Did you know that Donor’s Choose now has an area where you can apply for funds for professional development?  If your district doesn’t offer funds this is a perfect way to get yourself to ASCA 2018.  If you have never to been to a national conference before then it is a must do for any school counselor!

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